NPD: 3 Leaf Proton (and thumbs up for Prymaxe)

I got a Malekko E.Filter a little while back and that was great, except for one problem: the filter is a little hard to crack open, especially with single coils. I could make it behave using a boost but given that its size is one of its key virtues, that seemed a little bit silly. That said, the quackyness of the E.Filter is great, and I really enjoy playing around with the filter opening: low E-string work that nearly opens the filter but doesn't, making all sorts of great sounds.

So I grabbed a 3 Leaf Proton from Prymaxe. With the gain pot, there is no problems finding a sensitivity that suits. One difference is that the Proton is a bit more wah-like and less quacky than the E.Filter. Also, the filter takes a wee bit longer to close than would be ideal. Nonetheless it is a great unit and I'm going to have a lot of fun with it.

Regarding Prymaxe: delivered to Australia in 5 working days. Amazing; some of the shops in Australia can't match that (with the exception of Pedal Empire!). Very happy with that result.
I'll reply to myself to bump this along.

More testing this morning, including some A-B'ing with the Malekko E.Filter.

The E.Filter is pretty good on the humbuckered Les Paul and *nearly* opens up easy enough. On the Strat though it doesn't. That can be sorted with a boost pedal but adding a boost seems to weaken the tone a little (less "organic" if I can put it that way). It's a great shame because the quack of the E.Filter is superb. A great funk machine with the LP.

The Proton filter can be cracked open with the LP or the Strat, no problems, just a quick tweak of the gain knob. I thought it was a bit less quacky than the E.Filter, but it might be the slower decay. I've noticed some folks commenting on the decay being too fast - maybe that was an earlier model? Mine is three hundred and something. In any case, I find the decay is a touch slow for me, such that once I've opened the filter I need to back off to give it a chance to close.

The perfect envelope filter might be a Proton with a pot for decay adjustment (even if it was internal). For now though, the Proton stays on the board, and the E.Filter goes in the pedal cupboard with sigh and an "if only" sentiment.

That said, the old Boss AW-3 is up for sale. Too much loss of bass, and not the same organic feel (I'd get shot if I said "too digitial", right?).

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