NPD - Adineko....Now what?


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What a beautiful sounding pedal!
Easily the best pedal I have tried from Catlinbread. Very unique, even with the most complex delays I've used I can't get sounds like this one offers. I can't stop jamming gypsy scales overflamenco chord's like the sound track as you ride into the "O.K. Corral."

Now what would you pair with it?

The only thing that seemed an interesting possibility so far was the Carcosa. No other delays or modulation sound right, I think it's one of the only pedals I own (I am still very much in the honey moon phase) that seems just perfect alone. Nothing wrong with that I just kind of wondered if any one used it in combination with something else and had good results.

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The Catalinbread Adineko sounds glorious.
I've had mine for a month and I love it so far.

My favourite pair is with the Lovepedal Grey Ghost Super Six before it.
The GGSS is set for light break-up and goes into the Adineko,
set on the edge of oscillation, with mix at noon, on the longer delay times.
Fantastic slapbacker too.
I feed the Adineko at 18 volts for more headroom and thus less mush when used with gain. 18 volts prevents from clipping...

Catalinbread... these guys really know how to build a delay pedal.
I have the Echorec (fabulous with fuzz) and used to have the Montavillian.
All three are beautiful pedals. Sold the latter because it oscillated too fast.

The Adineko is already part of my Delay Hall of Fame.
The preamp is fantastic too. It rolls some highs,
but the Super Hard On (first in chain) helps restoring them.
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I like it with ripping top end type fuzzes (Octavia, Fuzzrite, Mk1 Tonebender) - since it clouds up so quickly, it tends to thicken up thin fuzzes.

It's nice to set it for a longer delay time and run a slapback echo into it too.


Yep, it's one snazzy pedal, very specific sounding.

I love COT50G>Adineko >Hermida Reverb 3. Adding a more studio type reverb or even longer delay after it sounds great, just set them as a low mix that just picks up Adineko sound and then just carries it out longer.
I've had mine for about a year and I don't think it'll ever leave my board. It sounds like nothing else and it's murky modulation are awesome. I also run mine at 18 volts for a more percussive delay.

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It goes well with my Throbby. I was surprised that it even does it's own convincing vibrato/subtle trem-type thing. Now to try it in buffered mode and tinker with the preamp...
So, I just opened mine up. I didn't realize it had all the same internal features as the Belle Epoch.

I figured it had a preamp of some sort, because I got a decent(but good) boost when I turned it on.

I figured it was just true bypass, with a fixed preamp. It kinda made me keep it on all the time.

I didn't realize I could do TB or trails, and use the preamp "always on" in buffered mode. I played with the trim pot, and it does the fuzz thing like the Belle. I am using trails mode, with a slight always on boost. It just sounds damn good all the time.

I love this pedal even more now. Telecaster + adineko + any reverb = awesome.


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Love my Adineko. Pair it was a reverb and an EQD Nightwire Harmonic trem for some of the most lonely Western soundtrack sounding stuff ever.

I have one en route. I've wanted one since it was released, just never got around to buying one until now...

Speaking of Spaghetti Western... that's what I've been using my Surf Rider (and I also add my AD9 before it, set to slap) for lately... the Surf Rider, being a Belton Brick reverb, has that "slapback" quality to it like all of them do, and once I stopped wanting it to sound like a spring reverb and just dug it for what it is, I LOVE it. Looking forward to comparing it to the Adineko....


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Got it today. Very cool piece of kit!!! Questions:

1) is this thing supposed to be used in front of the amp (like the real oil can echoes)? Can it be used in a loop? I saw some people complaining that it doesn't work well in a loop (and... because I have it in the loop also right now, leads me to...)

2) IF one wanted to use it in the loop... this thing has a preamp, yes? I notice the slight volume jump when I turn it on. And I believe I saw in one of Catalinbread's "video manuals" that this preamp can be adjusted vis a trimpot inside?

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