NPD Amptweaker Tight Rock

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    so our local store started carrying these and with a forgiving return policy i couldnt resist trying it out. What interested me in the first place was the noise gate feature as my rat 2 (been using for about 4-5 yrs) can get kind of noisy in certain venues with iffy power (even a lot of the big ones!) so having a noise gate with a sound that should be fairly close to my rat seems like a given test in the least.

    I have only tested it by itself through my amp at home so I havent been able to give it full volume and run it with the rest of my rig (which I will do tomorrow). Initial impression is pretty solid though. It is the only distortion pedal I have ever tried that I didnt feel like I immediately needed to put a ts in front of it for soloing, which is pretty cool.

    I am very interested to a/b it with my rat, and only pedal i tested it against today was my rehoused green big muff. It is interesting to note that they do sound fairly similar, so I wonder if James used some sort of muff as a general platform in making this pedal.

    After playing it awhile I am not sure if it will do what I want it to, even though it is a great sounding pedal so far, as I really like the fuzzy overtones that my rat produces and this seems to be more of a straight marshall sound.

    Ill write back after I give it a go at rehearsals and see about a verdict. If it doesnt quite do it for me then I could see making a fly board with it utilizing the sidetrack and effects loop for easy switching on a small board with limited space, but so far it is a great sounding pedal. As any effect goes, it does take time to dial in, but when it comes to drives I usually only need a couple of days or less to get a feel for whether I will use it full time or not. It does have tons of gain, and might be better at pinch harmonics than my rat. These are my impressions so far.

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