NPD and finished my Squier '51



Ta daaa! This is my '05 '51, purchased at the beginning of last year sans bridge pup. My wife surprised me with a GFS Surf 90 and it was an amazing bridge pickup! Used it in conjunction with the stock neck but the neck was just not loud enough...the result was switching between pickups created a volume balance I didn't prefer.

So...NPD! That's a GFS JM90 on the neck, at 7.2k. The Surf 90 is 7.8k, so the JM is mounted flush with the pickguard that I cut. How do I like it? A lot! Where the Surf is big and snappy and clear, the JM is voiced similarly, yet is smoother and a bit more relaxed in the attack. Mounted low in the pickguard, it is balanced, both in terms of volume and tone, with the Surf. The clean tone is spectacular...sparkly, not woofy or muddy at all. It is noisier than the Surf, but I understand this is a common observation among JM90 owners. I thought the physical size of the pup would make the guitar look awkward, but I think it counters that big, black pg nicely. Don'tcha think?:)

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