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    Jan 22, 2015
    Hey all:

    Scored this pedal for a good deal about a week ago, got some time to sit down with it today. I've had my share of ring modulators, from building the Craig Anderton one to just about every ring mod in EuroRack to several guitar ring mods. Suffice to say, I like ring mod sounds.

    The antenna2 has enhanced low end and an LFO as additional controls over the original antenna. The pedal has 6 knobs; rate and range for the LFO, frequency for the internal oscillator, mix and volume (output gain) and then CRK. I haven't the slightest idea what CRK does. It kind of sounds like it is shaping the carrier wave, but I really don't know and the Copilot site doesn't offer any clues. Can anyone tell me??

    Well now down to it. I played the Antenna2 after my dirt and before my time-based fx, into a Fender Silverface Champ with my Fender MIJ Mustang. First off was straight ring mod with a medium frequency and slow LFO. The pedal responds really well and sounds surprisingly organic for a ring mod. The most similar pedal I can think of is the Catlinbread Harmonic Pixelator. But this guy has more low end. I played some riffs on the low E string and they sounded thick and heavy.

    Next I explored higher LFO rates. These get pretty gnarly as the carrier gets modulated all over the place. Very cool effect at high rates and high ranges. The mix control was very welcome to blend the original signal which cuts through the ring mod sound in a very smooth and haunting way. It sort of sits the original signal on top of the ring mod, even with the mix almost all the way up. I like this as you get 2 different tones, or more if you play chords.

    I stacked a EHX Freeze in front of the pedal and it tracked the sustained sound along with whatever else I played, and modulated it all fairly cleanly without devolving into sonic mess. The low end is especially impressive, which is often lost in ring mods.

    Overall very cool pedal, highly recommended as a ring mod choice, small footprint and great sonic qualities and versatile controls. Good for bass or guitar.

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