NPD - Digitech Jam Man Express XT

el supermanny

Just got this little guy on Friday. Guitar Center had them on sale and I figured for under $100 it was worth getting my first looper pedal.

I think this is a good looper if you have no experience with loopers in general. It's simple to operate and literally has NO FEATURES haha. It only loops, but it's a lot of fun without having to spend a lot of money. It really lets you just focus on your rhythm and playing since you seriously have no pedal features to mess with.

I'm definitely having fun with it. I noticed it's a lot of easier for me to write leads and fills once I can play something and just have it go on a never ending loop.



I've had mine for a while now and i love it. Great sound and so easy to use. I have a Boss RC2 that i hardly use any more unless i need some drum beats. The simplicity helps me to stay focused on my ideas and playing.


Had the Ditto, but replaced it with this.

I've used mine for about a year now and like it a lot. In addition to being a simple looper for practice, I also use it to record a loop and play thru my setup while I check the sound levels and EQ at various gigs.

Have fun!


Senior Member
I like how you can sync up several of these guys together. I often wonder why other companies such as strymon can't do something similar with their digital pedals to sync up tap tempos and such...

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