NPD! EHX Memory Man Deluxe


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Bought it second hand yesterday.

I think it is 80's MN3005 memory man because of it's attached power cable.

It's really awesome sounding pedal!

I've used many analog delay but in my taste this thing is the best sounding

delay pedal I've ever had. Very unique but natural in the mix(may sound

bizarre though :)) chorus is very rush sounding.

And I also found out that vibrato sound is very good.

setting blend knob full and delay knob to 0 in vibrato mode sound like using

vibrato pedal.

It's keeper I think I'll stick to this for long time.
I love mine. It’s a great chorus/vibrato unit. In fact I can imagine having 2 - one for delay, one for rotary/chorusy stuff.


I joined the club a couple of months ago. It really is a unique delay with something special that is almost indescribable. Mines a 90's I think with the 3 prong cord and pointer knobs. I've been thinking about sending it to Analogman for a tune up.

Congrats on the pedal.

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