NPD: EHX Soul Food


The everlasting TGP Klone debacle continues...

To qualify, I have never played a Klon/Klone.

Got mine in the mail from GC today. Cool little pedal. Light OD compared to my AC Booster (also new) and ts808ri. I can see where people like these type of pedals as a boost to add some sparkle at certain frequencies and I can see where some people would not like the OD up past noon. I can kinda tell that my setup was in need of a buffer so that's a plus as well, though there isn't like a magic thing that happens when its on vs off (didn't expect that, don't worry).

Chain is Schecter C1 E/A (semihollow) > Wah > Polytune > Soul Food > 808ri > AC Boost > Phase 90 > Flashback > Carbon Copy > Morgan SW22R

I tried it by itself (of course) which was like having a presence switch on the board. My beef with that is the SW22 has such a sweet tone already that leaving the SF on all the time might cover some of what the amp has going for it. In conjunction with either the ACB or 808ri it was like a slight tone/eq shift. With a band, this would likely cut more. Pushed past unity volume with my other drives it seemed a little... harsh? Not really sure how else to describe it. I did very much like how it responded to finger picking. All the "tone is in your fingers" guys are definitely on to something suggesting this type to that type of player. Everyone who referenced Jeff Beck, John Mayer and pretty much any player in between (I know that's a lot of ground) I'll back you up on that!

My biggest complaint, the nobs will move in a light afternoon breeze! I barely touch them with my foot while switching another pedal and the setting is changed. Guess I need to find where I like it and put masking tape over the top. If I ever get famous this will be a fun TGP myth!

Initially, it is almost perplexing. I like what it does but am not particularly wow'd by it like I was with the AC Booster. That's not even in reference to all of the nauseating hype around these types of pedals! Time will tell (I like the GC 30 day return policy). I have a rehearsal/jam next week so I'll likely know what I'll be doing with it as soon as we start.

Sorry if I rambled or got disorganized.


When you respond to threads in a post, rather than a PM, it bumps up the post count, thus making people, like myself, choose to click on the thread to see what the activity is.

Given the humor you find in Klons, Klones and Soul Foods, as expressed in the other thread, I'm surprised your not of a "more the merrier" opinion

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