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  1. Sociophile

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    Feb 25, 2015
    Southern California
    I have recently joined a new metal band, and my bluesy rock pedals were not going to cut it.

    I have only had the Empress for about two hours, but my initial impressions are extremely positive. The quality of the distortion is really only good for very hard rock or metal, but for these purposes it is hard to imagine a better pedal.

    The distortion is very good, with a wide range of available gain. The two channels are nearly identical (some say identical), but there is a little more gain available on the "Heavier" channel (as the name implies).

    My favorite part about this pedal so far is the noise gate. Even on the "natural" setting, the noise gate is extremely effective and very responsive. It allows your guitar to sustain, but cuts out extraneous noise completely. I am blown away by how effective it is.

    For what I am using it for, I think this pedal will be an absolute slam dunk. I may update with problems I find, but so far this is the best high gain distortion I have used by a mile.

    Verdict: Highly recommended (for hard rock or metal of any kind)
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  2. Hector Arcadius

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    Apr 22, 2012
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    Thanks for the review! Certainly a pedal that we do not come across too often in TGP. All the demos make it sound extremely good, for it's scope & purposes. Congrats!
  3. MegaMan9

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    Jul 21, 2010
    REALLY great pedal for high gain, probably the one I liked the most from what I tired over the years
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