NPD - Fulldrive II Mosfet


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Wow, so I am totally surprised how good this thing sounds. I hadn't played one in years and bought one impulsively at my local guitar store (Guitar Emporium in Louisville, KY) because Grissom used to have it on his pedal board. I love the toggles on this thing, it really helps to tweak your tone. The mosfet setting is LOUD, I love it with my Les Paul or tele to get a bit more volume. If you want more compression simply turn the mosfet setting off (to standard). Fun. Oh, and it stacks really well with my Barber Half Gainer.

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It's good stuff bro. I've read before that it morphs into any rig, and I guess that's pretty right-on. Love mine, although I'm partial to Fulltone OCD (as opposed to my own OCD :rimshot), just sounds better with my amp maybe. But when I play with a backline, I almost always take the FD-mos with me.

I've heard it also makes the Cards play better than the Cats, but I can't confirm that. :)

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