NPD: ISP Technologies THETA !


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My ISP Technologies arrived this morning, and I got a quick 20 minutes to jam on it before work.
My initial impressions are excellent!
For reference, here's my signal path:

Les Paul > Theta > EH 44 Magnum > Orange 212 (....that's it)

* It is extremely touch sensitive, with a crazy amount of tones available with the independent EQ ranges.
* The decimator is excellent, and has no tone-suck.
* The level of gain is beyond anything I've EVER come across, and I used to play Engl Powerballs and Framus Cobras.
* The Preamp channel is basically a JC120 tonally. Not lush like a Fender, but that's not a must for me.
* Tonally distortion 'gain 1' is quite Marshally, and can do the classic-modern hard rock with ease.
* Distortion 'gain 2' is bloody HEAVY, but also very open and clear, like a Rectifier.
* At first it wasn't as chest thumping as my Amptweaker Fat Metal, but I was using an MXR EQ AND ZW OD to boost the signal for that pedal. After a little tweaking, I got it nearly dead on. They're just tonally quite different.
* The cascading feature of the clean preamp and the distortion channel, means that you really can use the "clean channel" to boost the distortion channel. BUT if you set it up right, then when you disengage the distortion channel, you still have a nice clean channel present, AND this doesn't mean with the preamp gain on 9 o'clock either.
* But if you have the gain past 1 o'clock on the clean preamp, then it does sound like you have a clean boost on, when the distortion channel is disengaged. But without any grit or breakup, just a stronger boosted clean signal. However with tweaking, and adjustment of the level control for that channel, it's not a problem at all.

This is about as far as I got. I'm going to spend more time with it over the next few days, and hopefully I'll have more to report!

So far, Bravo ISP Technologies!
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I've now gone from a Pedaltrain Jr with:

EH 44 Magnum > TC Ditto > Amptweaker Fat Metal > Boss RV-3 > Boss NS-2 > Zoom MS-50G > MXR EQ > TC Polytune > MXR ZW OD

To a Pedaltrain Mini with:

EH 44 Magnum > TC Ditto > Zoom MS-50G > ISP Theta > TC Polytune

Very simple. Very happy with the tone of this back up rig.
Congrats on ISP Theta, it is hidden gem.
Excellent mid to high gains.
Fantastic, specially compared to overly compressed/EQd pedals with 'Metal' in name.
Totally underrated on TGP.

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