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I bought a Keeley Caverns yesterday and have been messing about with it over the weekend to familiarise myself with it and I thought I'd share my impressions of it.

First off, let me say that I'm impressed with how Robert Keeley was able to design such a feature filled dual echo/reverb unit and place it in such a small enclosure. 3 reverbs options and delay in a very pedalboard friendly size, and most importantly, the Caverns sounds great.

Now, let me get it over with in saying that this is not an over-the-top, in your face dual delay/reverb pedal. It's lush and ambient sounding, but very tasteful. If you're looking for the extreme or intense levels of reverb from the likes of Neunaber or Earthquaker Devices, look elsewhere. Keeley certainly spent time tweaking each seperate effect to compliment each other and to act a cohesive ambient effects unit. That's where this pedal truly shines. You can use it as a stand-alone delay pedal, or a reverb pedal, but the real magic happens when they are used together.

The reverbs on the Caverns can't get 100% wet, but the decay can set be long enough for a nice ambient wash, especially if you combine it with the delay with the regeneration turned up. The Shimmer mode is okay, but I'm not a huge fan of it. Not as ethereal as the Neunaber Seraphim, but then again the Shimmer effect as a whole can get old sounding pretty fast and the fact that the Caverns has a morph knob to control the octave level makes it more useful. The Plate and Modulate modes are where it's at. The morph knob controls the predelay in Plate mode and controls the depth and predelay in the Modulated mode. Modulation can be set low or high for a more warbly effect. The delay by itself sounds great. It's not made to emulate an analogue or tape delay, but it doesn't sound overly bright or sterile like many digital delays do. Quite nice sounding, actually. There's no tap tempo, no stereo outs, no display to show beats per minute, etc., so you just have to dial in your settings as you would any compact delay pedal.

I suppose most people would want to know how the Caverns compares to the Earthquakes Devices Dispatch Master. Having owned and used the Dispatch Master, I'd have to say that they are similar in many respects, with the Dispatch Master having the edge over the Caverns on more extreme settings. Personally, I see the Caverns as more useful with it's 3 reverb modes. The Dispatch Master is a wonderful sounding pedal in it's own right, it's just a bit different than the Caverns. So far, I'm liking it very much and consider it a welcomed addition to my pedalboard.



Great pedal, I like 2 foot switches on a single pedal so I can alternate like 2 boss pedals next to each other. I wonder why they chose such close top jacks for input/output, it's the only Keeley I know of that is like that.

Jess 1971

Silver Supporting Member
Without the reverb engaged, is the pedal's delay also modulated? If so, can you control the amount of modulation on the delay?

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