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NPD - King of Tone in antique silver finish


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As much as I love me some colorful pedals - for me, given the option of anything in black/ gray/ silver - I always go for that. (Expect my trusty TS-9 of course).
So when I ordered my KOT and saw an antique silver option - I was all over it.
BUT - I searched the interwebz and couldn't find a single photo of a KOT in this finish.
So - for posterity's sake - I present pictures of my new KOT:

View media item 290472
View media item 290487

I'll address the obvious questions -
How does it sound? It sounds fantastic. My ears have aged well since my last KOT. And my guitar/amp selection has changed a bit - so the pedal seems to work really well with my current selection.

How long? I got on the list in 2017, but sat on the email for several months. Once I ordered it - it took about 6-7 weeks to ship. (I also ordered a Comprossor).
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I really like this finish. I think I might end up pulling the trigger on my order and do this one!

I wonder if he can do the purple graphics instead of white?

Raymond Lin

So if you want this finish I guess you needed to be on the waiting list a couple years ago?
Yeah, I would think so..and I am totally guessing. If you think even 10 people a week get an email that their number has come up. The batch of 50 came up a month ago, and say 10% of people go for this colour, then I would think there won't be that many left. If you just (at a guess), spread the colour choice out evenly.



I went with the black and gold finish but if I’d seen your photos before I ordered, I think this finish might have been the one I chose. Looks superb.

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