NPD - Leslie/DLS RotoSim...


So, I had been working on some tunes that called for a Leslie, and decided that I wanted to add one to my rig. I looked at what was out there, and decided that the DLS RotoSim might have what I needed.

Mine came last week courtesy of TGP emporium (thanks technicoloraudio). I've had a chance to put it through it's paces.
I'm running mine in a W/D/W setup in stereo.

So far, so good. I found that initially I wanted to adjust some of the sound, but this is where the pedal brings some more to the table. In addition to the 6 knobs on the front of the pedal, there are a bunch of pots inside that let you tune the pedal to your needs. I found the pedal to be a bit "in your face" in a stereo setup, but adjusting the two output pots were very helpful. In a mono setup, I can see that increasing the output would help this pedal to work better. Some adjustment to the "response" pot gave it a more pleasing effect as well.

In the end, if you're looking for a good Leslie sim, I think you would do well to take a look at the RotoSim. It doesn't change your organic tone, and brings a nice stereo effect (if you have the rig) when called for.

I haven't tried some of the alternatives such as the RotoSphere or the Strymon Lex, but the RotoSim has turned out to be a good solution for me when it comes to a Leslie sim. Recommended.

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