[NPD] MXR eVh Flanger


I got this Christmas a gift card to guitar shop and...


Here is a fun fact: I ordered the standard EVH version, I mean the black&white one, and imagine how suprised I was when I unpacked the box and saw the anniversary version (s/n 0651). I very much doubt if it differs from b&w one, but I dig the frankenstein desing! Anyway - let's cut to the chase.

This pedal is awesome, period. I've tried lots of popular flangers (Boss BF-2/3, HF-2, EHX, Ibanez, TC, other iterations of MXR, too) and EVH version - as far as I can tell from my humble experience - is the best flanger I've played so far. Very little noise, tweakable as hell and sound quality is brilliant.

Useful settings I found so far:

1) Subtle chorus into flanger

Manual 10:00
Width 10:00
Speed 9:00
Regen 7:00

2) Intense swoosh

Manual 10:00
Width 2:00
Speed 3:00
Regen 4:00

Of course there is this "Unchained" button which gives you that unique evh tone; I like it but it is not definately the best setting that you can get from this unit.

For now I tested it only in a bedroom jamming, I'm hoping to try it in a band situation soon.



The only pedal on my board that has been there since the day I bought it 5 years ago. I may as well super glue it there because it's never coming off.

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