NPD: Rockett Animal (2 big surprises...)

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    May 11, 2013
    Hey! I haven’t done a video for a long time… but finally had some time and here it is coming at you with a really cool overdrive pedal. I have used 2 J.Rockett pedals so far. (Animal and Archer) And both of them are some serious pedals.
    Now one thing about this pedal that surprised me was that it truly excels as a boost pedal (even though I didn’t show you in the PT.1 of the video. But in PT.2 I will!) It provides that upper mid cut that many of you would relate to a “Plexi thing” I was pleasantly surprised with this way of using the pedal as well as stand-alone use.
    People seem to address noise floor issue a lot, but I didn’t really have a noise issue with it. Yeah my Plexitone was quieter at the same gain level, but Animal wasn’t unbearable or anything. Pretty normal amount of noise.
    Also, “clean bleed” was spotted when I hit it with other boost/OD pedals. I tested it with a Koko boost, Soul Food, Sp compressor with mix off, and POT in boost mode. In all 4 situations, the pedal blended clean signal to the overdriven tone. So I didn’t get extra compression that I would normally get when I stack pedals. So that was kind of a bummer because I was going to see if it could replace my Plexitone. But I’m learning to dial in the Plexitone to make it sound great in not so ideal situations and whatnot so it’s all good.
    Anyways, enjoy my demo and my song! (this is actually a short version of a song with noodling I am working on)

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