NPD: Stomp Under Foot - Classic '72 Triangle

So, yeah, when I saw this pedal in the email, I knew I had to have it. NOS Trannies, carbon comps, ceramic caps, old layout, Matt's special touch, etc.

First, the Black Sparkle finish is beautiful. I also don't mind the size. I guess that's a must when doing the old layouts.

I know I'm in the honey moon, but this pedal is ridiculous. I'm always amazed when Matt can improve upon his own work, since his stuff is already always the cream of the crop.

The attack is JUST right. compared to my regular SUF Triangle, it has a slightly softer, bloomier, compressed attack. IMO, it's an improvement. It's definitely noticeable though. The sustain is ridiculous. The clarity is the best I've heard on a Triangle. It's just pleasing to the max. I'm giddy about it.

This is truly the best Muff I've ever played. It seems to play itself. It just goes to the right notes, and the overtones that come out in layers are just so musical. It's not unlike his other stuff, but it just seems to go a step further in this case. It is tweaked to perfection.

This is my favorite pedal.

My little vid.

SUF's Description:

The Classic Series are part-for-part recreations of original late 60s to 70s fuzz pedals matching the layouts with old and new components and using carbon composition resistors, original transistors (when available or as close to original as I can get), ceramic caps, etc.

Originally made from 1969-1972, the Triangle muffs were very inconsistent, pedal to pedal, due to various component values.
I recently revisited all the Triangle schematics I have because I wanted to choose a version different from the TRI-Muff but still capture that monster Triangle tone.
This 1972 version has that beautiful low end and a smooth tone.
These will be limited to a small run of five pedals due to the black dot transistors I found that are similar to the originals.



"These will be limited to a small run of five pedals..."

"No Longer Available"

Too bad. :(


Really bummed I missed out on the '72 Triangle. I just need a good triangle to finish off my Muff collection. I hope Matt does another small run of Classic Triangles. SUF Muff clones are the best.


Nice one Gene, love that tone. Shame i couldnt have jumped on board, darn bills to pay!


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I emailed Matt about an hour after I got his email only to find out they were no longer available. I really wanted one of these!


i enjoyed that demo. nice playing and tones/sounds.

out of curiosity...whats your muff count up to now?
FWIW, honeymoon is long past, and this is still #1 in the stable/on the board.

unbelievable. So aggressive, so much clarity, yet, still so smooth.

This is a special pedal. This is probably the only "never moving" pedal on the board aside from the volume pedal, buffer, tuner.

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