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NPD Supermoon


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Correction: Eterna does straight amazing reverb aswell as octave up shimmer. Turn down the Shimmer dial on the Eterna and you get a similar lush modulated reverb as per the Supermoon - that's how I use it. The Supermoon just gives you control over how much modulation, while the modulation on the Eterna is set in stone, replacing it with a Shimmer control... but it's perfectly sweet. It's personal opinion which one is more versatile. I think the Eterna has a longer decay too but I may be wrong - it can do 100% wet as per the chromed Supermoon.

I've spent some time trying to emulate my favourite Eterna setting (Mix and Decay at 11:00, Shimmer off) on the BigSky - can get pretty close. If you guys have a BigSky and want to hear an approximation of the Eterna then let me know, I'll post the BigSky settings for it - Hall mode with no pre-delay and a decent amount of modulation is basically it.

Also my Eterna doesn't hiss!
I'd love to know your BigSky settings to get close to the Eterna set like that. Considering a Super moon for my PT mini... love my BigSky on my PT3.


I'll boot the BigSky up and jot down the settings for you later today, or tonight for you : )

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