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NPD Top Tone DG-1


Gold Supporting Member

Well... I had to pull the initial review to put in my update. Also, take into account this is all IMO...

At low volume the DG-1 and P2 are almost indistinguishable. In my lower watt amp, the DG-1 is all I could ever need in a muff type pedal. In the bigger rig... I prefer the P2. I found the DG-1 is a looser sounding fuzz, which is not a bad thing, just different. Where the P2 excels is how silent it is even at max gain. The DG-1 stays pretty quiet up to about the last 25% of the gain knob where it becomes obvious that it is on. Note separation, I find the P2 more articulate.

In it's own class the DG-1 is one of the better that I have tried, but the P2 is really in a class of it's own. That said, if I didn't own a P2, I would be glowing for the DG-1.

I would say the DG-1 is the middle weight contender, where the P2 is the heavy. Both good pedals, both best served by not comparing them to each other, but rather to the broader scope of Big Muff, which makes me wonder why the hell I'm writing this?:crazy


Gold Supporting Member
DG-1 is high on my GAS list. Thanks for the review. What amp and what guitar are you using?
Small amp is a Gibson GA-5 (original 59)

Big amp 50 watt Bludodrive set clean through EVM12l and a 2x12 with an AXA Fane and an EVM12l.

Tried it with both a 50's style strat and a PRS artist V.


I been reading, and listening to clips on the 2 Top Tone pedals. Too say the least they are very impressive. They are copies of two of Pete Cornish's pedals. The G2, and the P2. These pedals are amazing. The price is an issue however, they are $310 each.


Platinum Supporting Member
I had a DG2. Nice pedal but got noisy when gain was up over noon. Had a hard time reselling it. If you can get it for $250 or less your doing pretty good. $310 new is very steep! If i was going to get another, i wouldnt pay over $225. There are so many good dirt pedals out there that can sound just as good for cheaper.

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