NPD: Vick Audio Lotus Drive


On Thursday I received the email from letting me know that the "Vick Audio Lotus Drive Returns." I've been looking for a new overdrive to pair with my Lil' Dawg D-Luxe. After reading a brief description of the pedal I decided to take a chance on it (the price was too good to pass up). Apparently the original Lotus Drive was a single knob overdrive, but the newest one features a volume and gain knob, and two additional mini switches. The switch on the Texture switch controls the drive texture; there is a heavy, light, and medium setting. The Voice switch controls 3 set Eq curves; there is a dark, bright, and medium setting. Every one of the settings felt very useful. I'm currently using it in the Light/Dark setting, and the tone seems to meld very nicely with the D-Luxe. I have had very little time with the pedal, but so far it is very intuitive, and I have not found any unusable tones. The pedal appears to be well built, and the footswitch is true bypass, but doesn't require a lot of force to activate it. The only downside I've noticed is a little bit of noise generated by the pedal with the volume cranked and the drive set low. Oddly, though, it is quieter when the drive is higher and the volume is lower, but I would not say the noise is at all excessive (on par with my H9), and is only noticeable at very bright settings on my amp. For $99 this pedal outclasses anything in its price range, and easily competes with much more expensive drives.

Picture courtesy of Vick Audio's Reverb Listing.

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