NPD: Wacky Fuzzy Fun (Or finally getting the first boutique pedal I was ever aware of)


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Years ago when I was first really getting into playing guitar, I went with a friend to see Delirious? play on a whim. My friend was a seasoned guitar nerd and we both got right up to the stage to check out the gear before the show. Checking out the one pedal board, we saw something that neither of us could recognize and neither of us could fathom what it was. Afterwards, I fell into interwebs research until I found a match in the ZVex Fuzz Probe! I've owned a handful of ZVex pedals since and even 2 Fuzz Factories but never the elusive Probe until today.


So far, it's great wacky fun and covers a huge amount of not-smooth fuzzes just like the Fuzz Factory does but the theremin controlled Stab control is somehow more fun than a wah, dunno how.

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