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I started this build in 2012. It's been through two other iterations before what you see now. I got busy during those four years and left it in parts, collecting dust. I thought Fender® Shell Pink was suitable for this iteration - its final state.

BASICS: Custom built body to my specification, semi-hollow, spruce top mounted to a carved-out mahogany body. The neck is also a custom build to my spec by TGP's own Jack Daniels. It's fat tiger-striped maple, CITES Brazilian rosewood, custom inlay. Neck pickup - 1976 Gibson Firebird Bicentennial (6.09KΩ); bridge pickup - Seymour Duncan Antiquity '55 (6.18KΩ)

DETAILS: Contained above the individual pictures below.

RESULT: Super resonant, light weight purveyor of awesome tone! I think this iteration is a keeper.


The matching Shell Pink headstock. The tuners are Fender® by Schaller locking with aged pearloid buttons.

Gretsch-esque sound hole. Double bound with b/w/b/w/b purfling on top, all coatings are thin lacquer. Mint green 3-ply pickguard.

Glendale bridge plate & aluminum/brass saddles. The strings pass through a Lisle high-mass brass block, then trough brass tubing and onto a brass plate mounted on the steel bridge plate. This guitar rings acoustically! And it sounds awesome through a clean wet or dry amp.

NOS 60s Dakaware brown Bakelite switch tip riding on a NOS 60s CRL 3-way, vintage Gretsch knobs, Callaham control plate, all slot screws.

There's the Lisle high mass brass block I mentioned earlier.

Check the tiger striping on that fat-ass neck. I carved a soft V graduating to a full C profile. Tinted the maple, and hand rubbed Tru-Oil, then polished. 1.685" nut width, 1.009" thick at the 1st, 1.114" at the 12th. I used 8-32 brass inserts & stainless steel mounting screws to attach it to the body.

The guitar weighs 6.3lbs. 6.3lbs! Mostly neck! But it balances nicely using that vintage Fender® strap. I sent the case and material to G&G in California to install the cheetah print.

Craig Lavin did the inlay based on sketches I sent to him and his artistic interpretation. MOP, abalone, and stainless steel. Speaking of SS, the jumbo 6100 frets are made of SS and installed by our own WalterW of VAB.

Under the control plate ride CTS 250K pots, a 60s NOS CRL 3-way, a Luxe repro .1µF capacitor, and some vintage wiring I had left over from an old Gretsch.

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Wowza!!!! Fantastic job. Congrats. Especially love the knobs and the case lining.

I'd love one please...
Interesting that the vintage knobs and case lining are the best things about the guitar......

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