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Had my minibone for about 3 weeks now. I've done a bunch of rehearsals with it and finally gigged it this past Sat and it passed with flying colors.

Basically, it can do OD, Dist, Fuzz and blowing up sounds many of which can be had just by messing with the guitar volume. There isn't a bad sound anywhere at any setting. Its all useful depending on context. It cuts through live (without help from a TS or EQ) unlike ANY fuzz face I've tried. Its also quiet for a fuzz.

Tonally its most similar to a Si FF but its much more controlled/refined. It never gets as big, thick and boomy or as fuzzy as the Gypsy fuzz I had side by side with it. Course it doesn't get completely lost in the mix like the Gypsy either. There are also some astrotone and screwdriver type fuzzy OD sounds but with less forward mids.

You have complete control over the low end and the amount of fuzziness/sub octave craziness using the bore (selectable bass) and Mood (voltage sag) knobs. With the Bore and Mood knobs at min. you can get straight up un-fuzzy OD. With both cranked it can be spitting, velcro, suboctave (+ a fifth), trumpeting madness.

Theres a 3 way treble switch (normal, bright, dark) and a hi/lo switch that controls gain and compression. Its counter intuitive tho because hi has less gain than lo. Not sure how that works.

I'm lucky to have a buddy who is a fuzz freak so I've tried a bunch of Fuzzes 2nd hand: Astrotone, screwdiver, Gypsy, Pig mine, Roger mayer and more that i can't think of. Some of them i liked but never enough to shell out the cash. I took an educated chance on the Trombetta mini-bone and it is by far my favorite fuzz to date.

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