Obscure, Forgotten, ... Noteworthy .. Derry Grehan

I forgot how difficult some 80s .. Particularly late 80s guitarwork was until a former student asked for my help .. he wanted to know some good 80s songs for covers for his band .. and I gave him some that were rather obscure but completely known to him as he's a millennial ... and he did well figuring the song out which made me proud because I spend some time with him on ear training and it seemed to have really born fruit .. he called me up and mention that the solo was giving him some trouble and if I could meet with him over coffee and help him roughly tab it .. It's pretty cool .. and the fact that it is kind of obscure and totally unknown to my former student .. made it even cooler .. for those interested the guitarist name was Derry Grehan .. and a solo starts at 2:39ish .. Check it out .. Really tasty .. And sooooo late 80s:

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