obsessing over 61-64 bassman


I want one really badly from the clips I've heard. The issue is I have a 100 watt hiwatt lead series that I think is probably in the same sonic territory. I'm looking to run one in a cleaner format, and one in a dirtier one. I'm thinking I'd use the hiwatt for a cleaner THWACKY kinda thing, and the bassman for my bratty grit. WHO'S FOR IT?!

Owners of these heads, please tell me the following:

How early do they give up THAT sound?!?

How well do they clean up with the volume knob?

Why do they haunt my dreams?

Will they help me get girls?

What should one cost with original trannies?



All I know is I played an early 60's blond head into a matching 2x12 and it was as fiery and awesome as any 50 watt plexi I've played through. I have no idea if it had been modded or what the speakers were in the 2x12 but it was tight and aggressive and something I should have bought!

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