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OCD vs Tubescreamer pushing a Marshall amp


From your experience what can you tell me about pushing a Plexi voiced amp, set to crunch, with these two pedals?

The goal is to have a nice heavy crunch, with the amp by itself, and kick in an overdrive to add gain and sustain for leads.


Senior Member
If it's for leads then, for me, it's the tube screamer. No question. Slight roll off on the lows and an emphasis on the mids. Perfect for leads.


The TS would cut through more and be louder but is also not a subtle reshaping of the tone at all and could be too much. The OCD will still cut some bass and treble and boost if put at low gain, but so will almost any dirt pedal ever made except metal-scooped ones. Unless you find the TS perfect, I almost guarantee you if you just tried a whole pile of pawnshop specials you would find something better for your needs than either. When I played through a cranked tube amp, it was the DOD Super American Metal, gain 1/3, presence (mids) +1.5, bass to taste. Plenty of gain, fat, smooth edge.

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