Octaver for acoustic guitar - what are my options?



I'm looking for an octave pedal for my acoustic guitar. I want to add an octave below to emulate a bass when playing solo.

I am aware of the Boss OC-3 and I think I could get the same effect from a (Micro) POG. From what I've seen online, you can set the frequency on the OC-3, so that only the bottom two strings are affected.

Are there any other options I should check out like maybe a small multi-fx like the Zoom Bluetooth pedal or so that deliver the same effect and more at a better price point? I'd rather go for quality than quantity though.

Has anybody tried to do that with a TC VoiceLive 3 or a Eventide H9?
Those pedals look interesting to me and a good Octave would be a good excuse to get one ;-)

Also, from watching a few youtube videos, I got the impression that some Octavers sound like synths, while others are closer to an actual bass sound. I want it to sound as natural as possible...

What are your recommendations?


I've used a Digitech Whammy to turn my acoustic into a 'bass' in a looping situation. I've also done it with the Line 6 m9. Neither can split the strings, but if you are looping they can both pass.


I use pog2 for bass line. It gives me bass line and also organ sound.

But I also have eventide pitchfactor. I use it to create guitar harmony.


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I've been using my Digitech RP360XP with my acoustic lately (using the "Dread Acoustic" amp sim) and the Octave effect (based on a Boss OC-2) is my favorite effect. The thing I really like about it is that the effect is fairly prominent on the lower two strings, giving the impression of a bass playing along, but it's not really all that noticeable on the upper strings. It also works well when playing chords, which the other octave effects I own (Zoom MS-100BT and MXR Bass Octave Deluxe) can't seem to handle.

I haven't tried the effect on my RP1000 and GSP1101, but I'd imagine it works equally as well as the RP360XP.
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