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So i was listening to some scott henderson last night, and I'm thinking to myself.... why, am I getting a bivalve? This man has the best strat tone i've ever heard....and hey... I LIKE STRATS TOO! I think something clicked. But i'm not entirely sure. All i can say is that the bivalve clips on the thd site.... don't exactly touch scott hendersons tone. All props to my fusion maestro gods, but they just dont touch scott henderson tone wise. So my question is this, Should i drop my idea to buy a bivalve and lose another year of my life to a glorious amp such as this? Also, can I get a holdsworth like tone with this amp?


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Well...the more you can play like Holdsworth and Henderson, the more you'll get those kinda tones out of that amp (or any other) :)

That being said--and I'm NO expert on this amp--I think it'll help get you a bit closer to his sound. I got to play through one the other night for the first time (and it was in fact the SH mod version), and played a Suhr strat through it...and I still sound like me, but I could definitely hear where SH's tone comes from.

All that being said--SH would probably get damn near the same sound playing thorugh a Flexi ;). The OD sound has a smoother refined quality to it that I think of being part of Scott's sound; and has somewhat more than the Flexi.

Holdsworth's tone...hmmm perhaps, I leave that to the more experienced OD100 players...


I'm not so sure about that, henderson's tone is pretty specific to his gear. His jazzier and more outside playing definatly doesnt make his tone as wonderful as it is. I'd agree with that to a certain extent. Especially with holdsworths tone, a staple of his signature vibrato and tone comes from his hands. I can vouch for that having studied his work for months on end. With certain artists most of the tone comes from the fingers I.E shawn lane, but henderson's tone really is defined by his gear. thanks for the concern


Do you know of anywhere i can get it used? And perhaps sent to you to have those options listed installed? Also with the SE or scott henderson mod, Can i still play bop jazz with my archtop? Or would it break up too soon to play moderately loud with my archtop?


Originally posted by diminishedlogic
Also with the SE or scott henderson mod, Can i still play bop jazz with my archtop? Or would it break up too soon to play moderately loud with my archtop?

I did just that the other day... recording using the OD100SE
w/Gibson Super400CES. I couldn't push the amp very high without
getting feedback... sounded great though... fat and warm cleans.
Check the settings and the rec setup here:


An ES-335 type guitar will let you get there much easier at higher volumes.


That is amazing! I dont know man, this thing looks too good to be true!!!!


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Originally posted by Suhr
Have a tone wired for the bridge pickup only, turn the tone (.047) down to about 5 or 6, turn the volume down to about 9 Scott never uses the guitar Volume on 10.

Interesting, I do the same thing with my Suhr guitar. It sounds better on 9, to my ears.


just the last couple of years did i even think about using the volume and tone controls on my tele! It sure opens up alot of possibilities and sure helps alot in a band setting.before the tone was always on ten and the vol usually the same.

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