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OD/Distortion Help


I tried searching some threads about this, but came up short. I'm currently running a Timmy and a Barber LTD SR for my low/medium gain drives into a Morgan AC20 Deluxe. I'm trying to find a pedal I can run for higher gain without stacking. It doesn't have to get metal gain just a nice crunch, and have a tight bass response that doesn't cut or get too flabby. Also, low noise is a plus. I've looked at the Riot and the Mantra, and owned a Rockett Animal that I liked but was too noisy. Thanks!!


The Riot is pretty good for clean, I really didn't like it on my AC30, but on my USA made Crate (don't laugh, it's awesome. Like a Fender with Vox chime) I have no complaints.

I really love the sound of the Pharaoh stacked with my Half Gainer (set to sound like a Barber LTD SR) as well. The Pharaoh is better for leads, but the Riot has better note articulation when playing chords - hitting a barre chord low notes with a down stroke then upper notes with an up stroke is my test. Kind of like the verses on Suede's "Animal Nitrate" if you know the song.

Mr. Limbic

only pedal ive ever played that i didnt feel needed to be stacked was the amptweaker tight rock, check it out!

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