OD friendly Delay?


I've been reading up a little on the Mad Prof DBD and was wondering if this is what I need.

I recently rebuilt my live rig courtesy of a recent pedal buying binge.:crazy

I have a wah at the front of the chain and then a Keeley Rat, Lovpedal DOV, Zendrive, Twin Tube, BJF HB, Barber Launch Pad, and lastly a Visual Sounds H20.

Some of the pedals seem to play better with the H20 than others. The Twin Tube is fine with it, and so was a Keeley SD-1 and BD-2. Same for the HB. The Zendrive and the DOV are perfect until the H20 is kicked in, and then get really thin and brittle. On the other hand, there's some boosts and OD that really sing with it.

I guess what I'm wondering is if it's an issue with just certain ODs, boosts and distortion pedals, or if it's something that a different delay pedal will deal with differently. If it's possible, I'd love to find a delay that worked with them all.

Thanks for any info! :AOK


I'm afraid I can't really give a good answer to your question, since I haven't tried any of the ODs mentioned, besides the HB, which is currently on my board, but I'll still recommend you try out the DBD. A fantastic delay on it's own, and supposedly voiced to work better with overdriven sounds than most delays.

I will say that the repeats of the DBD seems to "stay out of the way" in a special way, which IME makes it work especially well with dirty tones. But I must add that I mostly use mine for more ambient sounds, where the repeat level rarely goes past 11 o'clock.


Snapper. I have a 3 knob, haven't tried the new 4 knob. My friend's is an earlier 3 knob and his is darker sounding. Not sure how many versions there are...


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I really liked the MP DBD. I find delays can be a difficult thing as some times they muddy things up, or as in your case that cause phase cancelation and thin things out. Sometimes the "dry mix" of the delay is thinnner to begin with.

If I wasn't super happy with my current delay set-up I'd probably buy a DBD straight away. Heck, I'll probably end up getting one sooner or later anyways.

Best to you.


Maestro Echoplex, if you dont mind the maintainence. The delay just melds with your amp or OD pedals. Its smooth like apple buttah.:D


I have a Deep Blue Delay. Works Great with Fuzz.. so if it can Handle fuzz i would imagine it could handle OD as well .. I use a LDO and Honey Bee with it. Sounds great!


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ThunderTweak Delay. Sounds phenomenal clean and works will all levels of OD/Distortion/Fuzz.

I think (though I don't know for sure) that they have the same starting point --- the Rebote 2 or 2.5 delay that you can find floating around on the net in DIY circles.

Of course, from there it's all in the component selection and tuning and the expertise of the builder---all of which are big factors.

I finally got a chance to play the DBD a little while ago, and it's a wonderful delay---but it didn't really sound any better (or different for that matter) when compared to my $160 ThunderTweak.


Edit: Looks like there's one in the Emporium. Great deal, too: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/335274
Maestro echoplex ( ep1,2,or 3...4 is awful). Really great at keeping tone exactly what it is. As soon as you go tape (especially tube tape) you can't go back to stompbox units.

But if you have to get a pedal..Analogman AR20DL. Small, quiet, great buffer, and really shines with OD pedals that use the amp for it's character.


Many thanks for the replies!

Hrmm, the for the $$$ the ThunderTweak is looking very nice. Thanks for the heads up on the one for sale.

Oh yea, the EchoPlex..... Sort of forgot how much I liked those. I used one like crazy back in the late 70's early 80s. Ran an old Bakelite Rick Lapsteel through it and into a BF Fender. Probably still one of the most memorable tones I've ever had. I think another one may be in the cards for the future. :)


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