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OD Pedals for 12 Watt 6V6 Amp?


I play a Savage Macht 12 (Class A 6V6 x 2) and have been looking for a good match OD pedal. Have not found one - the most recent attempts being the Lovepedal Les Lius and a Visual Sound Rte 66. (I have found a good match for fuzz - the Keeley FuzzHead.) I'm looking for something versatile that's under $150 new or used. Anybody playing a similar amp setup that loves their OD?


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I had a Macht 12 and the OCD was a good match. The Keeley Java Boost also worked well but the volume jump was ridiculous. If volume is an issue, I'd go with the OCD. Actually, running the amp at about 2 o'clock and using a Tubescreamer for leads would sound really good as well.


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Not knowing the amp, I'd say Timmy or Screw Driver. I play 2-6v6 based amps and depending on the circuit and EQing you either need something with zero mid content or something with a really flexible EQ. The HBOD is an exception in my experience as it just melds with every 6v6 amp I've tried.

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I've got a Match 12. Very cool amp. I find it takes drives and boosts really well. Everything Menatone I've thrown at it has sounded awesome. The Tim and Timmy also work really well.


TIM/Timmy - only slightly above your price range if you get on the wait list.
AM King of Tone - sorry, I know it's above $150, but my swart ast and tweed deluxe love that pedal.
I have been wanting to chech out the cmatmods signadrive. Don't know if it would work, but it gets great praise and is quite affordable.

Maybe a really good clean boost? I actually use a clean boost to overdrive my amps more often than an OD pedal. It sounds better, but is inherently louder.

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