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Looking at the discussion of the effects on the POD HD I'm wondering, why do you need all the OD effects? If you have so many high gain amp models, do you need a boost for solos on top of the model? Do you just prefer the tone of the box in front?

I've always been an amp channel switcher and only own a Big Muff for my AC30 because it won't channel switch. So I'm curious. What's your recipe for gain?


Well, it adds variety for one. For me the drives on my MFX do tighten up the sound for chugging, as people would do by placing say a real Screamer in front of their 6505 or the likes. Also, I've found combinations of drive + cleaner amp model that have their own merit compared to pure high gain amp models. One of the good things in MFX is that from the multitude of options you're bound to find something that's right for your personal taste (although I admit that sometimes I try to make ALL possible combinations sound right :rotflmao).

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