Ode to (Hylight) Hiwatt

Bay Area R8

After a pretty lengthy and frustrating search - that spanned numerous "classics" I ultimately found the one, a Harry Joyce wired Hiwatt DR 504!

I know that old Hiwatts are held in pretty high regard, but in my opinion, this is still insufficient. I tried old and new Twins, Vibrokings, Marshall Silver Jubilees, Plexi and Metal panelled 1959s and 1987s, numerous variants of the 2203/2204s (both JCM and JMP) and numerous other "boutique" amps (Bogner, Soldano, Mesa, etc.). For me, and for my purposes, nothing compared to the richness of the classic Hiwatt tone - such fullness and articulation, without any hint of brittleness. Frankly, the success of Marshall baffles me when compared to the tone of these classics.

So anyone else in love with their Hiwatt?


My Hylight-era HIWATT is a DR201 made in 1975 which was the last year
this model had 4 KT-88s in the output section; they went to 6 EL-34s afterwards.

Huge, bold, shimmering hi-fidelity cleans and hellacious grinding, overdrive
withvery sharp teeth are on tap .

Great rhythmic punch available with extremely stout single note feel .

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