Official "Petition" for Way Huge Aqua Puss Reissue

"There are very few things that I would like to see reissued from the original line. The Swollen Pickle was reissued because there was a big demand for it. A lot of people wanted it, so I thought “Ok, that was a cool one." A lot of people ask about the Aqua Puss, and my first question is “Why would you want a 300ms analog delay?” They’re cool, but the Carbon Copy’s cooler. So I don’t see that happening. My thing is that if there’s a big enough demand for it, we’ll reissue it, but I don’t want to reissue anything just for the sake of bringing it back. -Jeorge Tripps

Mr. Tripps... the new line of Way Huge pedals are fantastic. I own the Pork Loin and plan on purchasing the others soon. It would be nice to see a new AP with more features...keeping with the spirit of the new line. Maybe a different chip, longer delay time etc. The Carbon Copy is awesome too...I don't think an AP RI would take from that market. I have no idea how word of DEMAND gets to Dunlop I have started this thread as a hope.

"Sign" this if you support the cause and I will forward this to DUNLOP when it gets large.


The one thing that's almost for sure is that a sexy looking limited edition reissue would dissapear even before hitting the shops! Maybe Dunlop could go through that route (a similar trick that car companies do when they demonstrate prototypes in car shows - they see the public's reaction and plan their future models), and if people are enthusiastic then go ahead and give the green light for a full reissue.

While it's true that the modern market is swamped with delays and echos, I believe that many people would buy it just for its mojo (for instance, I have never played one and I would very much like to own it). So... count me in as well!

(I am just thinking that a reissue of the Lovetones would also be an awesome idea...)


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as long as it had a longer delay time (600ms minimum), I'm in.


DO IT NOW!!!!!



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I've heard rumors that there may be a Way Huge Super Puss in the works. These were a 900ms Aqua Puss. There were not many of the originals made, so they are working on a new one for the line. Or so I have heard :)


A lot of people ask about the Aqua Puss, and my first question is “Why would you want a 300ms analog delay?”

because there's a large subset of the delay-using market that has no desire to sound like the Edge or David Gilmour. long delays make my skin crawl. I doubt I've ever used longer than a 250ms delay with guitar, and trying to get subtle varieties of slapback is kind of a hassle on a 600ms-or-larger delay (yes, even the Carbon Copy) because the throw of the delay time pot is far too broad, and the useable range (for me) is only about halfway. therefore, something like an AD-9 is a much more valuable pedal, since the range of >300ms sounds is far greater.

I'd buy an Aqua Puss, for sure.


I already own two Aqua Puss's, and I think that they are the best delays in the world..

I don't want a reissue of the AP, well not the old AP, with they came with a modified version of it, it would be cool, like they did for the Swollen Pickle..

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