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Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen


This is F***ING sad! I heard Van Halen when they first came out. I was about 10 or 11. I didn't really care too much for them. I had only heard Jamie's Crying and Dance the Night Away until a friend's older brother played us Eruption after II had been out for awhile. It was amazing. I really didn't become a Van Halen fan until a few years later and what I liked most was not his blazing solos but his amazing rhythm playing. You could erase every solo from every record and he would still be one of my favorites. I'm glad I got to see him play in the Roth and Hagar eras. F***!
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very sad. i know he had it for a long time, but I thought he'd hang in there. IMO, he pushed the guitar to the absolute edge of where it can technically go without abandoning melody and harmony. The more I listened to his playing, the more I appreciated it.

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