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Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen


I convinced my 8th grade class "Right Now" was to be our class song...
My confirmation name is Edward..
I godda stop. Heart goes out to Wolf.
Man oh man.....this is just awful. I know we had heard he was not well for the last while but one always holds out hope.

Many prayers and thoughts out to the Van Halen family.

Thank you Eddie for making so many of us love the guitar.

Really terrible news. An icon.
Happy that I got to see him in his prime and experience the unexpected in real time as his career blew up. You never knew from record to record how he was going to surprise you.
Ouch. I'm crushed. He was way too young to go. One of the few players that truly changed the instrument.
I remember the first time I heard him play on the radio - I was driving on the freeway. I had to pull over to the side and listen.

That night, I had band practice and the bass player starts telling me he heard this guitarist while he was driving that he had to pull over and listen.

Every punk who noodles at Guitar Center plays Eddie licks so, we tend to forget how revolutionary his playing was.

RIP Eddie. Like the Beatles, you changed the world.
Not a fan here, but I'd be stupid to think any of the music I listen to would be around without this absolute legend. Rip.
"7 String Fanboy. TGP Millennial Trash. ESP/Schecter/Helix/Mesa/Peavey."

It would not hurt you to put EVH in there somewhere ;-)

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