Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen


I will forever be 5 years old when I hear, "Runnin' With the Devil."

My life changed...

(And my parents regretted buying me a Boom Box shortly before buying me VH1...)
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This coming Friday the 9th will be 40 yrs since my first Van Halen concert at the Oakland Coliseum , I was just a twerpy 13 yrs old . A musical life changing experience. I would be back to see them again on June 12th 1981 at the same venue , then at the Cow Palace on Sept 14th 1982 and again May 10th 1984 at the Cow Palace. For me Van Halen was a way of life back then , some of the best times of my life. RIP Edward , thank you for the music

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I don't know what to say. I knew it has been a rough go for him, but damn....this hurts. Sad beyond words....RIP to one of the greatest EVER..:cry:
Adam Jones said Eddie came to a Tool show last year and he barely recognized him

such a force in music, his band and name legendary for generations to come

im sure dimebag has had a blacktooth grin poured and waiting for him....

Rest in peace
Really sad to hear that. I was on the road this afternoon and heard nothing. Was at the shop for an hour and casually checked my phone before headed back out and saw the news. Was wondering if it was a hoax but when I got back into my car I heard the end of Eruption on the radio and said sh!t. The station played solid Van Halen for my half hour trip. He sure cast a long shadow of his influence and will be very missed. I'm not a huge fan but felt choked up on the ride...RIP EVH
... shag ... what a drag ...
I just remember back in high school ... before videos ... before the internet ... wondering how the hell he played so good and I gotta laugh, when I look back on it, that someone said he had surgery to cut his hand open between the ring and pinky ... and that's why he sounded so ******* amazing ... we were 14 and believed it ... LOL ... rumours follow the great ones. RIP Eddie.
How many of us wouldn't be here at this forum without Eddie? It's difficult to consider since I loved VH back in the day but took my guitar points from Hendrix, but without guitar being in the limelight due to Eddie would I have pursued it?

What else can one say? He is a legend among legends. IMO there were three guitarists that changed rock and they were 1) Chuck Berry 2) Jimi Hendrix and 3) Eddie Van Halen.

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