Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen


I'll be grateful forever simply for the music he and the band shared with us. The excitement of learning how to make different sounds out of the guitar and monster tone out of the amp is the icing on the cake! Thank you Eddie for sharing your gift with us and I hope you're in tone heaven right now!!! :bow
Oh Eddie. RIP.

Thanks for starting me on the path. I wouldn’t have ever been a guitar player if it wasn’t for you.

Arguably the GOAT. One of the greatest at the very least. A genius on the guitar.

Thanks for everything.

Too soon.

saw him in cleveland and blossom the hagar years.......great shows. a friend of mine knew him. really cool guy. got the evh stealth usa and delivers.........thanks icon.......and your gear rocks :munch
The guy was amazing, played the loudest most amazing guitar, did the best drugs, banged the hottest chicks and lived the life of a dozen men.

The first time I heard VH1 I was 12 or 13 and driving with my old man in his 65 barracuda. Doing 100 plus mph while listening to running with the devil. I had just started playing guitar and this was my pops way of showing me who he thought the baddest musician on the planet was. He also passed away from cancer far to young, at 54.

I wish his family the best, cancer sucks, but Im sure EVH was in A LOT of pain, and Im happy he was relieved of that.

Love you Dad!

Love you Eddie!
I think it was 1978 when the first record was released. My mom was going shopping at K-Mart. I had all of five dollars to my name - my allowance was ‘moderate’. Gave the money to my mom and asked her to pick up Van Halen for me. I had to write it down for her. Played that record every day for years.


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