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Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen


Yesterday I don't think I cried for the first time since, but I definitely had moments of melancholy. I also heard them blaring VH I for about 20 minutes out in public at a Halloween store and kept it together.

A very interesting thing has happened though I don't know if I can really attribute it to Eddie: since he died though, my playing has an increased amount of fire, I care way less about where my fingers land, and basically, I think my playing has gotten more interesting and better. Kinda like just thinking about Eddie and stuff has made my playing better, even though I don't do much of anything like Eddie.
Man, you are so not alone in that. Since he’s passed I have felt the same thing. No I’ll never play like him but his influence has certainly been coming out of me the last 3 1/2 weeks.
Must reads -Sammy's book, Ted Templeman's book, and Monk's book. All epics and super insightful.
Absolutely! I also have "Eruption In The Canyon," I know it's a controversial one in that Eddie didn't want it released, but there are some awesome photos from inside 5150. As with the other VH related books, it's cool hearing how much time Ed spent with a guitar in his hands!

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