Oh god, here we do again - Hum-Cancelling P90s - Mojotone? Righteous Sound?

John Quinn

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If you watch this Video from Six String Supplies he describes how to build a Faraday cage inside a guitar - just adapt the build to your guitar
and then you can use whatever pickups you want - and still have a fairly quiet hum free guitar.



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Love the Mojotone QCs. Love love love. If I had signature pups they would be MT QCs.

Have MT QCs in:
  • A hot P90 set in my LP Special;
  • `58s in neck and middle of my HSS Standard Strat;
  • Broadcaster set in my Road Worn Tele;
  • Just bought 2 Broadcaster bridge pups for a partscaster and a 2005 Am Dlx Ash Tele. They will replace Fralin split rails in those guitars.
Overall, the way I describe the P90s is they meatier than the Fralins, which I have in a Tele with P90s. The SCs in the Strat and the Tele are again meatier than the originals and just kinda sing. The keys guy in one of my bands noticed the tone of the Strat SCs at rehearsal one night and pretty much came out with that comment before I ever said it. And the price is much more reasonable than Fralins or Kinmans. I have a Kinman HX P90 set in my 2015 Les Paul Less+ P90 and they sound great, but were also much more costly than either Fralin or MT and also required some routing to fit them into the body xavities.

Doc Dooley

Very interesting thread.

Has anybody tried both humfree Mojotone P90s? Generally, I tend to prefer lower-output pickups, so I lean towards the '56 version, but the YT video with the hot quiet coil p90 by Mojotone sounds very good, lots of bark.

I want to put it in a Les Paul Special type guitar. Any recommendations will be welcome.


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Just my two cents
I have many p90 guitars may 15
Play hard rock in bands with pedals etc

Using p90 and single coils I use lower gain on pedals stop noise and stack od pedals no issues
I have to say it's not the pickups it's the users
Turn the knobs


The Fishman Fluence P-90s voiced by Greg Koch will be out in the next month or two.
They sound fantastic too. I think I may still order some a Monotone Quiet coil for my Tele though. I will need to balance it with a standard tele bridge pickup though. Not sure if I should go regular or overwound slightly for the bridge.


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I have an Ilitch Cavity Silent Single Coil System in my Ebony, 50's Tribute Les Paul with it's stock Gibson P90's. It's now one of those perfect guitars - beautifully voiced, dead quiet, fat single coil pickups on a Gibson LP with a real nice, not-too-fat 50's neck. No bling, just pure tone. The Ilitch SSC is the best way to go to quiet P90's. Call them if you need a cavity coil for a non-Gibson guitar - they'll have yo send them a picture of the cavity, probably have you do meticulous measurements of the inside of the cavity and a tracing of your cavity cover with hole location's traced on it as well. They will work to get you taken care of and you or your tech can call them during the install w/any questions. The cavity cover for the system will be slightly oversized, but they put the screw hole right where the originals were so it just fits back where it came from. I really like the stock Gibson p90's - you have to be real careful with overwinding a P90, the extra wire will scrub off the highs very quickly. I have some Fralin P90's and Lindy suggested a 5% underwound neck, he was totally right. Good Hunting.


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Really happy with the Fralin noiseless in my CS LP Special. The Alnico rod neck is big and clean, really cuts with gain too. The Fralin P90 bridge rocks as hard as the PRS P90 that was in there.


I use the mojotones and really like them
So do I! I bought the Mojotone Hot Quiet Coil P-90 pickup set and installed it on a 1993 Hamer Special with P-90 pickups. I found the original OEM Seymour Duncan Hot (neck) & Custom (bridge) P-90 pickups to be noisy that I went out and bought a Boss NS-2 noise gate pedal. As soon as I got my Mojotone Hot Quiet Coil P-90 pickups installed, the noise was gone, and my guitar has really good tone. I'm happy with my purchase, the sound of the pickups, and being noiseless onstage.

Guitar George

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