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Ok...here we go...Trainwreck or Dumble which do you want


If you were given the choice of having a Dumble or Trainwreck, which are you taking and why? Take money out of the equation.



Gold Supporting Member
6L6 based Dumble w/Classic EQ. Why? It just sounds "better" to my ears. With Skyline EQ, one needs to TRULY crank up the amp to appreciate its full capabilities. With Classic, however, that isn't necessary. YMMV, of course.

Trainwreck? They are "nice" amps but sound too close to Marshall than, say, a Fender Twin, which is what Dumble is "based" on. Just not MY cup of tea, that is all. Peace.


Dumble...great tone by itself and put an OD and FUZZ in front.

Although, I'm pretty happy with any good clean amp with a pedal that I actually like in front. I could play a Twin with a RAT the rest of my life and be pretty content.


Silver Supporting Member
I'm afraid I'm going to need an example of each for a live A/B test.

PM me for my shipping address. :)


Senior Member
with all seriousness?

neither. taking money out of the equation.

but if i *had* to...i would go for the more fendery sound (which is what i like) so dumble.


Silver Supporting Member
IMO, they are at opposite ends of a couple of spectrums. Opposite ends of the overdrive spectrum...Dumble is smooth while the Trainwreck is aggressive. Opposite ends of the clean spectrum...Dumble is Fender-y but with more mids and is very clean until way up on the dial while the Trainwreck is only semi-clean and not Fender-y (more Vox-y IMO). Dumble is a channel-switcher and the Trainwreck is a volume-control-rider's amp.

Both amps are known for their sustain and touch sensitivity but IMO a person that tends to love one will often tend not to love the other.

I've never played either...but I built a homebrew of each and if given the choice...I would choose a Marshall.

Tom Gross

OG Forum Member
Gold Supporting Member
I've played several of both, and appreciate them both for different reasons.
I would choose a good Dumble, because it more fits my style and is more versatile, but the feel of playing a good wreck, like a Liverpool or Express, is an unbelievable experience.


Well, I actually had to think kinda hard about this... Not something I'm used to :p I'll have to rest now.

Never played either one, just listened.

OK, as much as I love the lead tones I hear from the Trainwreck (I prefer the Express to the Liverpool, btw), and even like the clean/cleanish tones, I'd have to go with the Dumble. I'm not sure if I play loud enough for a Trainwreck... A "Fendery" or other similar clean is foundational for me sound-wise... I'm into effects and there's the Dumbleator (I expect one with my Dumble, thank you :D)... I'm perfectly able to work the volume and other controls on my guitar and vary pick attack, but I also desire "channels" or footswitchable features... I like many of the overdrive tones I've hear from Dumbles, too... So, yeah, I'd have to go with the Dumble.

Ironically, before this thread and actually thinking about it, I'd probably have said Trainwreck! I still want a Fuchs Blackjack21 (a "Train inspired" amp), though.

Thanks for the interesting post! I'd actually thought about the question before (but obviously didn't think very hard, LOL)


Gold Supporting Member
I'm a clean amp person, so Dumble!
but if it was to compliment my current Chandler Amps C38 I'd go with the Wreck.


Platinum Supporting Member
If you were given the choice of having a Dumble or Trainwreck, which are you taking and why? Take money out of the equation.



I have played both side by side. If you like one, you are probably not going to like the other.

Blues/pop rock/fusion/jazz guys...Dumble.

Hard rock/metal guys. Trainwreck.

Basically...Fender VS Marshall.
If you like one, you are probably not going to like the other.
well, there i am.
i love them both, altho' i loved the 'wreck first. i had to play a few d*mbles before i was smitten.

just to clear up a few misconceptions. some d*mble and D-style amps can sound very aggressive and have somewhat of a marshall flavour w/ certain setting and playing techniques. cranking the master up to full and the initial gain up to 2-3 o'clock w/o the OD or PAB being engaged will result in some pretty classic 'rock' tones. the better d*mbles (and 'clones') that i've played are just as sensitive to guitar volume and manipulation as a 'wreck.

i realise that i'm a bit of an anomaly, but i can't imagine it being an either/or choice. i'd want 'em both and probably a few variations of each. express, london, rocket, 80's ODS w/ skyline, 90's ODS w/ HRM, bluesmaster, etc.....



Grew up listening to it, It's burnt into my Physche. it's the holy grail of tones for moi.

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