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Ok here's an odd one for you guys with an Mbox 2


SO i really want to connect some external(non-digital) hardware for effects use. As you may know the Mbox 2 doesn't really allow for this due to its lack of inputs and outputs. The product I want to use is an Electrix Filter Queen. SO my idea is to run the track(drums) from the line out on my monitors, to the Filter Queen(in stereo) and then the outputs of the Filter Queen to the two inputs of the Mbox 2 and have them recording the end result. Im not too sure about noise, levels etc but just wondering if this will work. My computer is getting fixed right now but Im looking forward to trying it out. Anyone have any tips for routing some external, non-digital hardware with the Mbox 2. Ive racked my brain and this seems to be the best and maybe only option. I will monitor the recording through my cans as well. Advice or suggestions is aprreciated.

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