Ok, inspiration has struck...I have to admit....


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ANOTHER VH THREAD!!! I had to. Sorry moderators of the kingdom, you can do with me what you will. I bet TGP has seen quite the amount of traffic as of late and I love it!

I have to admit, I am totally inspired to play again and SOLO! because of this disc. WTF? Apparently, Im 16 years old again. That's great news cause I'll get some lady action in like a year and a half! Anyways, my playing has certainly re-vamped and Im playing metal stoner stuff but still inspired. Long live rock! It could also be that its coupled by my ++++++gear alert+++++ new Uberschall.... Revblue

On a side note, I think Ed's tone, although saturated(with pretty damn good third channel stuff) still has that friggin snarl to it. pretty sweet. Cant wait for the show. Okay, Thats it, I promise...:beer

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