Ok… Ron Thal “Bumblefoot” or John Petrucci?

JP or RT

  • JP

    Votes: 24 40.7%
  • Bumblefoot

    Votes: 35 59.3%

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The fact that Ron was in a car accident in 2011 and has basically been living and performing in debilitating pain since, is insane. I know he's doing much better now, but my god... he was touring with GnR at the height of his injury. Talk about sheer willpower. Especially with that heavy guitar. I don't what's more difficult, trying to play on as many pain meds as he was on, or playing without them in pain?

Amazing player. Check out his interview on No Guitar is Safe if you haven't. Super cool inspiring guy.

Both are though.

Comparing the two is like asking who's better, Zeus or Poseidon?


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Two guys who are at the top of the heap in their genre.

Really, we are just talking about taste preference.

I really like the body of work DT has put out and have the first Liquid Tension Experiment disc. My vote is JP.

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I don't necessarily think one is better than the other, but i do think Ron is probably the most accomplished electric guitarist that i know of, with the possible exceptions of Christophe Godin and Mattias IA Ekhlund.

As for their music, it's no contest, Ron.


Don't really listen to either. I know both are fantastic.

My wife's cousin is friends with Bumblefoot, apparently a most excellent Dood, so gotta go with him.


I just remembered that I participated to Ron's Planetary Lockdown Jam about 2 years ago.

He was cool enough to chat with me over Messenger. Very nice person.

Here is my humble take I did back then

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I don’t get the “Bumblefoot” thing. Why doesn’t he just use his real name? Guess I don’t know the backstory on that one. Beyond that he’s a great player. But like posted above, I gave Petrucci the nod due to nostalgia.
His wife is a veterinarian. While he was helping her study, they came across the animal disease nicknamed "Bumblefoot". He liked the name, so it became the subject of his first album (The Adventures of Bumblefoot, 1995), and subsequently his band name.

Eventually fans just started calling him that, and he was fine with it. He is fine with Ron, or bbf. Nicest guy in the world.

Oddly enough, I had first heard of him in an interview with John Petrucci, where Petrucci spoke about being blown away by Ron.

Here's that quote;
"I just heard Ron Thal for the first time. This guy is really different; he's playing some wacky stuff. What impresses me is hearing something I can't immediately understand or recognize, and Thal's Adventures Of Bumblefoot really impressed me."
~ John Petrucci interview, Guitar World magazine (US), Jun 2000

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