old Arion SAD-1 vs Boss DM-2 waza

lefty kwan

Well I'm on my second old SAD-1 which I haven't found a good replacement for. Now my second SAD-1 is starting to act a little funky, which happened to my first one before it died. So I picked up a used DM-2 waza today and it's pretty close. The SAD-1 seems to have an ever so slight modulation that the DM-2w doesn't. The DM-2 in the custom mode has a very similar tone, bright , clear and warm but without the slight modulation which sounds really good. The Dm-2 is very attack sensitive just like the sad-1 which is awesome. The DM-2w is built like a tank, it's a boss pedal; so it'll probably last forever. I think the DM-2w will be a better gig pedal because I won't have to worry if it is going to die in the middle of a set. It's really too bad the SAD-1 aren't built to last.

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