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The Pod thread got me thinking...seems like no matter how ugly-duckling an old piece of digital gear might be, most can do at least one really cool thing nothing else on the shelf does. You got gear like that?

Digitech RP300...mid-to-heavy settings on the Phaser has a strange distortion and bend in the whoosh that none of my other stuff has. Way fun.

Spider II 30W...remarkable, distinctive cleans on the Blackface setting, big sound, lots of great color. Great SS cleans for cheap. Not bad on the lighter Tweeds either.

Cyber Twin...want a Blackface Deluxe with tight low end all the way down to the basement? Forget doing new trannies...get a CT. Patch it into a 1x10 extension cab and save yourself buying a Princeton while you're at it. Bonus pedal...great riff on an Orange Squeezer built in...a bit different and very responsive...lousy tweakage tho...cool comp nonetheless.

Bass VAmp II, Pro...the Crossover thingie...independent gain structure for the low and high ends. Way cool. Plus some really sparkly, touch-y amp sims if you dial the gain in right.

Pandora PX5D...Play a six string through the B Harm patch for bass. It'll take ya twenty years to dial that sound in with pedals or another digital rig and get the subtle low-end dynamic breakup just right. Back off the highs on the guitar just a dab and break out the jazz charts.

Digitech GNX 3 and 4...great time-based FX, big collection, lotsa parameters. Spare yourself an expensive digital pedal. Bonus points: the Warp feature on the 4...don't know of another system that can do that, whole new way to think about lead boost. Plus you get a free looper.

Just got to thinking about these. Out of date, zero resale value, soooo yesterday's potatoes...but each one does something cool that still works even now. Might wanna peruse the dusty ends of your shelves before you go plunking down for that new FX pedal...

Got ugly ducklings in your collection?



I still use my old Digitech Genesis 3. It lives in my gigbag as a backup.

Still have my old RP20 and 2120 too - clearly I like old Digitech gear! ;)


Old digital gear = frustration.

I still can't sell my old A.R.T SGE mkii (two of them)

I try not to look back. Occasionally switch old items on to be reminded that technology has moved on.


Rocktron Intellifex. Still an outstanding 8 voice chorus and Spring reverb.

Tom Sholtz Rockman. The original. The high gain patch with chorus and delay was my first taste of amazing through a headset. And it's still amazing.

Novation Bass Station. It just looks so cool.


Nice touch-dynamics/feedback! :)

What is it with the old Rockman? Never played one, but it seems to have a powerful cult following.


Just bought a pod 2.0 that's been up for sale for months, the high gain tones are plug and play and satisfying.The rest has to be discovered, funny to say that about something that is 14-15 years old.
Within 5 years it's vintage!


Amp farm's collector classics and metal extension packs have been long-time demo faves for me. Especially the jube, cornford and uberschall dialed for low and medium gain. I can't stand the stock amp set.


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yep J-Station is a solid kit.


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Someone had to say it, right?

A bit further off the beaten path, the ORIGINAL modeler: Rocktron ProGAP. Still sounds pretty good to my ears.


Like many of you I do pursue the latest advances but i also realize that the quality sounds I heard and used in the earlier incarnations still sound the same today.
IF It sounded good in "99" chances are "with a modeler" it sounds exactly the same today.
A good tone knows no time with modelers lol.
All this said I still want a Kemper,Axe,11r and a bunch of other cool new tech gear.


The Digitech EX7 Expression Factory is my example. While it does not have amp modeling, it has some of the best digital FX models I've ever heard.

I know the big complaint by many people is that it only has shared knobs for the effects and no ability to edit and save a preset. But, I just set the knobs at noon and I get great sounds on the FX I use.

In my experience, a lot of multi-fx units can have harsh spikes in certain frequencies through an amp. But, this unit does not seem to suffer from that problem.

The 2 wah models, Space Station, Univibe, Leslie and Volume Swell are all excellent. The Flange and Whammy are decent but the knobs have to be twirled away from noon to find their sweet spots IMO. I rarely use the whammy.

I own a nice Mojo Vibe and I've compared it to the Univibe model in the EX7. The EX7 vibe model comes very close...and controlling the speed via the expression pedal works brilliantly.

Digital dirt has never been my favorite through a tube amp but the EX7 dirty stomp models are certainly decent. While I still prefer my analog dirt boxes, I don't think I've heard better digital models in a multi-fx unit.



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I have the Boss OD-20. That thing is monstrous. It's a twin pedal distortion stompbox modeler that can store four presets. I do not care if it is COSM or whatever (I have generally struggled with the BOSS/COSM amp modelers and have owned at least three of them). Lots of people hate on it but for my tastes, this thing has like five or so completely killer OD/Dist models out of the twenty or so in all. Totally usable, totally worth the price of admission. Will not sell. Kept it after I got my Axe.


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I still use my old GP8 roland, in the same rack with axe fx II


1987, one of the first multi effect unit, analog pedal mounted on a programmable unit.
the compressor is the best i ever played (boutique pedal included !) , overdrive and dist are great !
i bought a second one because these are old ....
but these old GP8 are great believe me !! :)

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