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  1. Sweadtone

    Sweadtone Guest

    Hi there. i am an guitarplayer here in Sweden. My problem: I tested an old Gibson 335 from 63 yesterday.
    The tone was fantastic with those original PAFs. Ofcourse the guitar itself was fantastic. The problem is that the store mannager has sold the PAF pickups to another cutomer who wanted original pickups in hes guitar. I was chocked! that has to be unlegal!!
    I wanted to buy the guitar with those pickups in it offcourse.
    Now the store manager is going to put in another set of pups and sell the guitar with those pups whatever it will be?. I have heard about the WCR Crossroads but i can`t get that sound out of my head with those original 63 PAF pickups. Have you tryed New pickups that you can buy that come close to those old PAFs?
    Please write if you want. Sorry for my bad english, i`m Swedish..
    Stockholm Sweden.
  2. jetlag

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    Aug 24, 2004
    You can get there (old PAF tone), or at least most of the way, with some quality PAF replicas. Go over to the Les Paul Forum and run a search on PAFs. For starters, here are some good pickup makers : Voodoo (they make a '60 short magnet version which is very close to what was in that 335). I've played his '59 long magnet version and liked them. Tim White winds pickups in his house and has a list for his "Timbuckers" . They are excellent, as I've played about three pairs. Real nice, but a real long wait unless you pay double. Then he'll get them to you in a couple weeks. You can also try Rolph pickups - he makes several versions of PAFs. Also Holmes pickups, made by Tom Holmes is another favorite over there, but not mine. As are the pickups you refered to - the WCR's (they make various models). Oh, I forgot about another excellent one - Lollar Imperials. Those PAF's are worth major $$$$$ - so that guitar should be discounted $3K to $5K w/o the original PAF's in it. Undoubtedly, that's why the guy did it. Between selling the pickups outright and then selling the guitar w/replacements, he'll make more $$$$ than leaving it straight. It's the sad truth. Good luck.
  3. jeffhef

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    Jun 21, 2003
    In the space between
    About 3 years ago I asked on the Les Paul Forum what newer pickups most sound like original PAF's. One of the guys who answered then was Charlie Daughtry. He owns several guitars with original PAF's and his answer was Timbuckers.

    I got a pair and have been very pleased.

  4. Roe

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    Jul 12, 2005
    tromsoe, norway
    voodoo seems to be one of few that clones a 60's pickup, not just a 50's

    EADGBE Member

    Sep 23, 2005
    You could try DiMarzio's Paf and , Seymour Duncan's 59.
  6. pedalpat

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    Those are both great pickups, but they are not that authentic to a real paf. they get as close as a production pickup can, but price points in mind, they only get so close.

    tom holmes (if you can find any) are probably the best i have heard. the others mentioned i have never tried, but are prob very nice.

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