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FSOT Old Guitar Magazines For Sale/Trade

Discussion in 'Music Gear Parts and Accessories Emporium' started by Josey, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Josey

    Josey Supporting Member

    May 11, 2015
    Sweet Home Alabama
    I have a ton of old guitar magazines for sale or trade. These aren't collector grade condition but perfect for reading old articles and studying the Tabs. Most all still have the fold out posters and inserts as well. I've found that I can fit approximately 20 magazines into a USPS medium flat rate box, so I'll sell your choice of 20 magazines per lot for $50 OBO. Use this link if you'd like to know which Tabs are in each issue: https://www.guitarworld.com/features/tab-index

    Here's what's available,

    Guitar For The Practicing Musician:
    Feb 1986
    Mar 1987 - Missing Cover
    Dec 1987
    May 1988
    May 1989
    Jun 1989
    Jul 1989
    Oct 1989 - Missing Cover
    Dec 1989 - Missing Cover
    Mar 1991
    Nov 1991
    Apr 1992
    May 1992
    Nov 1992
    Dec 1992
    Sep 1993
    Nov 1993
    Jun 1994

    Guitar For The Practicing Musician - Guitar Classics:
    Vol. II Winter 1989
    Vol. VII Winter 1993??
    Vol. XIV Winter 1995??

    Guitar: (I think GFTPM evolved into this magazine?)
    Sep 1995
    Aug 1996
    Apr 1997
    May 1997
    Jul 1997
    Nov 1997
    Nov 1998
    June 1999

    Guitar One: (I think this was a spin off of Guitar Magazine?)
    Vol II 1995
    Apr 1997
    Oct 1997
    Feb 1998
    Oct 1998
    Feb 1999
    May 1999
    Aug 1999
    Oct 1999
    Jun 2000
    Jul 2000
    Aug 2000
    Oct 2000
    Nov 2000
    Dec 2000
    Jan 2001
    Feb 2001
    Mar 2001
    Apr 2001
    May 2001
    Jul 2001
    Oct 2001
    Jan 2003
    Sep 2003

    Guitar School:
    Jan 1990
    May 1990
    Mar 1992
    Jan 1995
    Mar 1995
    Dec 1995
    Apr 1996
    June 1996

    Guitar Legends: (I think this was another spin off of Guitar Magazine?)
    Fall 1992 Vol. 1 No. 2
    Summer 1994 Vol. 3 No. 1

    Guitar Heroes:
    Spring 1992 Vol. 1 No. 1

    Guitar Player:
    Aug 1997 Vol. 31 No. 7 - Issue 331

    Country Guitar:
    Winter 1994

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