Old Hymnal - No Disappointment in Heaven


A few years ago my mother in law passed away and I recorded In The Garden for her memorial service. As a result, a family friend asked me to record this old hymnal that I was not familiar with. Anyway, it's a very simple arrangement, pretty much all I'm capable of! I hope you enjoy it.

With regards to the recording... I used an AXE FX for the acoustic, vocal and bass processing. There is some onboard processing in reaper used as well, compression, eq, verb. I tried a couple of different techniques for the acoustic. I liked the lead break part best and it was a 57 close mic'd with a Rode NT1 three feet away mixed in. The rhythm used the Rode and an acoustic IR in the AXE to acheive that sound. I wasn't really happy wih the rhythm, but it gave it kind of a cool lo fi vibe that seems to work. Anyway, as always, I welcome any constructive criticism. I have to say I really don't care for the song all that well :rolleyes: but I'd like to give a nice finished product to our friend, so if you hear areas where it can be improved I am all ears.



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