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Old School Gov'Nor vs Today's MIABs?


I've tried (and mostly enjoyed) just about every MIAB pedal that can be named.

For those who have owned or tried, I'm wondering how the Gov'nor compares to today's JCM800-type offerings?

There is a used one in decent condition available locally.

My last two of this mode were an Angry Charlie, and the MXR Super BA.

I've had the Super CB, SL Drive, and DLS III prior to these. All good.

I prefer the MXR BA strictly for the mid-control that the Gov'nor also has.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated on the Gov...


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I haven't played a Gov'nor, so I can't comment on that. I WILL say that Weehbo's MIAB offerings are outstanding, specifically the JCM Drive and JVM Drive. I post about them a lot, but I'm posting here specifically because you mentioned the Gov'nor's mid controls. The Weehbos have the best mid-control features of any MIAB I've played, including a mid-knob and a toggle for low, mid, high mids as well. You've also got a switch for internal 18-volt running, which makes a big difference.

I also owned a Catalinbread DLS Mk. 2 and played an Angry Charlie for a week a while back, and, with all due respect to those two companies, I found the Weehbo to be several steps up the ladder, tone-wise. You don't always get what you pay for. But in the case of the Weehbos I've owned, I think they're worth the price of admission.


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I had an original. Didn't use it much, eventually traded it off when they became valuable. Wampler Pinnacle melts it into slag.


If you see an original (v1 made in the UK) Guv at a good price, I'd definitely get it. They are treasured for good reason..


Never had the Guv, but I had a Shredmaster for a long time.
Haven't found a better miab yet.
BYOC Shredder is a good clone & the MXR SBAD comes reasonably close.

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